Professor Y. Jay Guo is the Director of Global Big Data Technologies Centre and Distinguished Professor at University of Technology Sydney.

Jay will serve as the Research Leader of the Digital Agrifood Technologies program should the Food Agility CRC bid be successful. This program will enable real-time access to food data from farms, through logistics, processing facilities, distribution channels as well as from (inter)national markets. It relies largely on the world-class capabilities in the Global Big Data Technologies Centre.


Jay is an internationally established scientist with over 300 publications in the areas of antennas and sensors, wireless communications and networking, wireless sensor networks and localisation. He is an innovator with strong and sustained industrial impact, and a globally recognised R&D leader, particularly in the fields of wireless and networking, broadband applications, robotics, sensor networks and big data technologies.

At CSIRO Jay was responsible for CSIRO’s strategic planning, direction setting and impact delivery in the fields of broadband and wireless communications systems, networking, cyber security and computer vision.

Between 2000 and 2005, Jay held senior positions in the European mobile communications industry, playing an instrumental role in accelerating Siemens’ and NEC’s 3G technology development. As Senior Fellow at the University of Bradford, England, he supervised one of the most prominent research groups in wireless communications, and Wi-Fi in particular.

Jay established the Global Big Data Technologies Centre (GBDTC) at UTS as a strategic research centre to implement its big data strategy. GBDTC will play a critical role in delivering research programs in the proposed Food Agility CRC.

As Distinguished Professor and Director of Global Big Data Technologies Centre, UTS, Jay has attracted significant funding, 35 academic researchers and over 100 PhD students in two years, making it the largest research centre at UTS.


Jay has received numerous awards including the 2012 Australian Government Innovation Award, 2012 and 2007 CSIRO Chairman's Medal and the 2007 Engineering Excellence Award, Engineer Australia. In 2015 and 2014 he was named one of the top 100 engineers in Australia. In 2013 he was made a Fellow of IEEE and Fellow of Australian Academy of Engineering and Technology.


Professor Y. Jay Guo will play critical roles at three different levels in the proposed Food Agility CRC. At the corporate level, Jay will draw on his experience in strategic planning and leadership to assist the CRC executive team steer the research programs, ensuring efficient coordination of three programs to deliver planned industrial impacts.

In his role as Digital Agrifood Technologies Research Program Lead, Jay will work with the other program and project leaders to ensure the appropriate research directions are followed, the consistencies of different projects are maintained, close interactions with industrial stakeholders are sustained, milestones are delivered on time and on cost, and the planned outcomes are achieved. Leveraging his vast industrial network, he will also drive the IP creation and the commercialisation of key technologies.

Jay will actively participate in project-level research activities through supervision of research staff and PhD students. As a leading researcher in the field, he will contribute to the development of energy efficient and low-cost sensing and communications technologies.