the yield works with oyster growers

CRC partner The Yield is using real-time data to help oyster growers improve on-farm productivity. The same data is used by the food safety authorities to reduce the cost of compliance with food safety standards, by growers to improve on-farm productivity, by retailers for food trace-ability and provenance, and by researchers to develop better ways of managing disease risk. This is a great example of a public and private partnership in the digital economy delivering concrete results. The project reduces the cost of compliance with food standards and demonstrates food safety and provenance.

"We are currently in a commercial trial with CRC partner The Yield. Using their technology we can reduce the number of harvesting closure days giving an instant return on investment."

Justin Goc, Manager, Barilla Bay Oysters

NGIS Australia delivers vegetation analysis to farmers

NGIS Australia in partnership with CSBP Fertilisers have created GreenPrecision, a website delivering vegetation analysis across the world in an accessible and user friendly tool. By using high performing cloud computing and satellite imagery, users are able to compare vegetation for any location across multiple years to track variability and view changes in vegetation.

GreenPrecision uses Google Earth Engine to analyse the peak Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) reading for each pixel in each month and displays the detected measure of greenness as a colour scale. By using the tool to understand the variability of crop or pasture growth within paddocks and farms and across seasons, growers can start to make better decisions about farming practices.

The GreenPrecision project demonstrates what can be achieved by using the power of location technology and the scale of cloud computing to optimise business intelligence, communication and outcomes. See the tool at


 AgLink, Australia

AgLink, Australia

"There is an Australia-wide shortage of agronomists making recruitment difficult. Access to farm specific, real time data will revolutionise the way agronomists think about their day to day planning and how they go about providing advice to clients." 

Phil Hoult, AgLink Seed and Commercial Manager