Research Programme 1: The Digital Agrifood Technologies Research Programme

The Digital Agrifood Technologies Research Programme (RP1) will be addressing the integration & delivery of the backbone digital technologies, including the sensor & communication technologies that underpin data sharing & collaboration across food value chains.

These digital technologies will integrate or integrate with existing technologies & enhance adoption via infrastructure that enables data generation & capture, storage, transmission, integration & access as well as ensuring data quality, availability & integrity. Additionally, digital technologies will enable real-time access to high quality food data from along agrifood value chains (production facilities, logistics, processing facilities, distribution channels, markets), providing data input for analytics & then decision making & optimisation.

Five key sets of activities will be undertaken:

Sensing Platforms

- Develop spatial & temporal resolution sensing methods, low-cost sensors, innovative robotic platforms, & easy to deploy networks for data generation & capture related to key decisions along the value chain.

- Integrate sensing modalities from fixed & mobile with robotic platforms to overcome limitations of fixed infrastructure.

Robust IoT Infrastructure

- Provide access to reliable data at appropriate rate, cost & quality through easy to use technologies across the supply chain, targeting needs of consumers, manufacturers, processors & producers.

- Enable robust connectivity via efficient deployment & operation of reliable IoT infrastructure over large areas, overcoming interference, terrain, structures & machinery.

Certified Food Systems Data

- Provable technologies to certify food sources & secure tracing technologies for compliance in food logistics, processing & distribution.

- Authentication of food system data that will be streamed in real-time through the secured cloud, & be readily available to producers, SMEs, corporates, government & consumers for examination.


- Deploy new sensing platforms, sensor networks & IoT technologies for agrifood needs.

- Enable food industry partners to trial developed technologies in real scenarios to reduce the time to market, & showcase to potential investors.

- Secure IP (patents, trade marks, designs) & create new knowledge for start-up ventures & uptake.


- Capacity & capability building of 36 HDRs via work integrated learning, leadership development & exchanges.

- Dissemination of research based knowledge through publications & training of 12 postdocs.

- “Design Central” to facilitate knowledge transfer, adoption & practice change via short courses & workshops & internships for producers & SMEs.