Research Fellows, Level A or B

Food Agility partners UTS and The Yield are looking for two Postdoctoral Scientists who are passionate about solving real world problems and providing agricultural insights through advanced analytics. The positions are part of an upcoming Food Agility project that aims to use cutting-edge IoT, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence technologies in predicting agricultural outcomes.

The role is an opportunity for a researcher with an academic background to gain industry experience by being embedded within UTS’s Environmental Science discipline and The Yield’s data science and engineering teams. The Postdoctoral Scientists at UTS and The Yield will work with data sets ranging from multiyear climate data, observation data collected by on farm sensors, grower inputs, and agricultural models.

The Postdoctoral Scientists will be responsible for working within a multi-disciplinary team to create previously unknown insights, model and codify inherent knowledge, and provide local on farm predictions using cutting edge methods and techniques. Outcomes are focused on delivering new, valuable insights to The Yield’s customers—global food producers—and to support research innovation between UTS and The Yield.

Follow this link for further information and to apply.

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