Dr Deb Cousins

Council Member

Dr Cousins has made significant contributions to agriculture in Western Australia (WA), both as a researcher and in senior management roles, and has supported the sector at a senior level nationally. She has extensive experience in working at the interface of government, universities and industry in agriculture and food, and other sectors. She also has a sound understanding of and experience working in biosecurity and regulation over many years, including at the national level. She is well regarded for her strengths in policy, strategic thinking and stakeholder engagement. Over her career as a researcher in the WA Department of Agriculture and Food with almost 100 collaborative scientific publications in international journals. Dr Cousins also has executive leadership roles in the Australian Biosecurity Cooperative Research Centre where she held an Adjunct Professorial role, was Director of Application and Linkage and a member of the AB-CRC’s Research Program Investment Committee for six years, and Deputy CEO for over a year. She also has international experience providing advice to the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organisation and the World Organisation for Animal Health.

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