A Prof Miranda Mortlock

Research Theme Convenor (RT2)

Associate Professor Miranda Mortlock, currently in the Science and Engineering Faculty of Queensland University of Technology has extensive experience in research and tertiary training in agriculture and biometry. After working on sorghum research in Botswana, she obtained her PhD in agronomy from Kansas State University, USA and returned to southern Africa as a Senior Lecturer at the University of Botswana.

Subsequently, Miranda moved to Queensland to work with the grains industry to identify research projects, plan and conduct experiments and advise RHD students at the University of Queensland.

She moved to Queensland Government as a Principal Advisor where she coordinated a range of projects in research and development topics covering legislation, research and evaluation. In Queensland Treasury, she managed the biannual Queensland Household omnibus survey and informed legislation on licencing of government data. She has also developed monitoring and evaluation frameworks for a UN consultancy on drought management in Botswana and for Queensland Government projects in community renewal.

Miranda is Chartered Statistician in the Royal Statistical Society, UK and an Accredited Statistician in the Statistical Society of Australia, and she is currently serving as the President of the Statistical Society of Australia (Queensland Branch).

In addition, when she has time, she does some pro bono work into several projects as an honary Affiliate to Queensland Alliance in Agriculture and Food Innovation (QAAFI).

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