Blockchain in Beef Export

This project pairs Blockchain-IoT technologies, smart contracts and secure payment systems to fight counterfeit Australian beef bei

In Partnership With:

Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
Ultimo Digital Technologies

Blockchain in Beef Export

The Challenge:

Australian beef has a global reputation for quality, safety, animal welfare and environmental management. But a surge in demand in international markets like China, has driven a corresponding increase in food fraud.

Substituting products for something other than beef, substituting different cuts and labelling meat from other countries as Australian is becoming more common.

Globally, food fraud is estimated to cost $40billion a year. ‘Fake steak’ not only costs Australian beef producers millions every year, it puts the health and safety of consumers at risk.

The Solution:

This project is using blockchain and IoT to create an unbreakable, immutable record, tracking beef from paddock to plate, credentialing the provenance of Australian beef. This information will drive aps for consumers and suppliers, giving them confidence that their meat is 100% Aussie.

The team is also building a digital system using ‘smart contracts’ to replace letters of credit, which can be forged, as well as new packaging with a range of anti-counterfeiting measures embedded to prevent the substitution of fake products.

In addition to all of this, the team is investigating how cryptocurrencies could be used to incentivise compliance throughout the supply chain.

This project is being led by QUT and Queensland company BeefLedger Ltd.

To get involved:

Please contact us at or visit the BeefLedger website.

meet the team

Prof. Marcus Foth

Professor of Creative Industries at Queensland University of Technology.

Adj. Prof. Warwick Powell

Chairman and Founder of Beefledger.


Shoufeng Cao,  Warwick Powell, Marcus Foth, Valeri Natanelov, Thomas Miller and Uwe Dulleck, Strengthening consumer trust with a blockchain-enabledhuman-machine reconcile supply chain mechanism. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture180, Article number: 105886. 10.1016/j.compag.2020.105886

Lachlan Robb, Felicity Deane, Warwick Powell. “Panoptic blockchain ecosystems: An exploratory case study of the beef supply chain”. Monash Uni Law Review (2020) 46 (2), 57-84

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