The Industry PHD Program

PhD students are embedded in an agrifood or technology business, applying research to solve real business problems.

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What is an Industry PhD?

The Food Agility Industrial PhD Program offers real-world experience to PhD students using data and digital technology to solve real business problems. Students are embedded in a sponsor organisation for up to three years, taking them out of universities and giving them an up-close education in the agrifood industry. They work on a PhD topic agreed with the sponsor to deliver direct business value.

Why should my business sponsor an Industry PhD?

A trained scientist/researcher will work directly with you on an agreed business challenge. Scholarship periods can vary depending on your needs, from six months to three years.

  • Solve a complex business challenge and supercharge your R&D
  • Access subsidised scientific expertise Own the IP produced during sponsorship period
  • Own the IP produced during sponsorship period 

Available scholarships

Putting Knowledge into Action through an Algorithm Application Program Interface


Duration: 3 months


The student will identify a suitable algorithm then construct and describe the algorithm using either the R or Python development environment. The final stage will involve developing a containerised dashboard that demonstrates to potential users the accuracy of the algorithm and any essential information that might be required.

Closing date: 24 Feb 2021

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