Aus Ag Virtual Events

April 29, 2020

Here's a roundup of all the #AusAg webinars and virtual events for 2020!


Aus Ag Virtual Events

Here's a roundup of all the #AusAg webinars and virtual events for 2020!

April 29, 2020

Aus Ag Virtual Events

As COVID-19 forces the Australian Ag community to change the way we meet, exchange and explore ideas, organisations across the sector are making the most of digital tools and holding virtual events and webinars. These events are a great way to keep the wheels of innovation turning during the pandemic, and it also presents an opportunity to connect with a larger audience than ever before.

Here is a roundup of all the #AusAg webinars being held throughout 2020:

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30th April:

  • AgTech: Acquired Live Event: The “AgTech, SoWhat?” and the “Future of Agriculture” Podcasts are joining forces to present“AgTech: Acquired”. This live event will feature mergers and acquisitions experts in agriculture. REGISTER HERE
  • Cattle grazing dual-purpose crops: Future Farmers Network is teaming up with Charles SturtUniversity to bring you a webinar about cattle grazing dual-purpose crops. REGISTER HERE
  • RIVERINA FORUM: Farm Biodiversity Certification Scheme Trial: As part of the Agriculture Stewardship Package, the aim of the scheme is to reward farmers for managing biodiversity on farm through market-based mechanisms and thus enable the continued provision of natural capital benefits to the wider community. REGISTER HERE
  • Pitch2Grow– An AgTech Virtual Pitch by UNE SMART Region Incubator: Pitch2Grow, An AgTech Virtual Pitch Showcase is a chance for the global community to discover and experience some of the latest agtech innovations created in regional Australia, without leaving home. The online event will be judged by agtech investors and stake holders from all over the globe. REGISTER HERE


1 May

  • IFE Grand Challenge Webinar: Professor Paul Bertsch: Professor Paul Bertsch, current interim Queensland Chief Scientist and IFE Advisory Committee member, explores the scientific and technological trends and opportunities that will help shape a sustainable future for Queensland. REGISTER HERE
  • The future of chemical use in farming with Mark Congreve: discussing the future of chemical use in farming including market drivers, herbicide discovery, automation, future for glyphosate & paraquat and much more! REGISTER HERE
  • Optimising livestock performance on green feed: REGISTER HERE

5th May

  • Pilot Carbon Accounting Virtual Workshop | Beef & Sheep: MLA and Integrity Ag and Environment are holding a series of pilot carbon accounting workshops for Australian red meat producers. Producers who attend this workshop will be assisted in generating a carbon account for their operation. REGISTER HERE
  • Back to Business webinar: Grow more feed – pasture recovery, redevelopment, forage crops and purchasing fodder: for all livestock producers impacted by drought, fire, flood, storms and global challenges. BACK TO BUSINESS will feature a different topic at 1:00 pm Tuesday each week that is relevant to getting you back to business following the recent and ongoing challenges. REGISTER HERE

7th May:

  • East Gippsland Vegetable Innovation Days - Cover crops and strip tillage live webinar panel session. REGISTER HERE
  • CQ FORUM: Farm Biodiversity Certification Scheme Trial by Australian Farm Institute: A series of consultative forums between March and May to identify critical success factors that will be required for implementation of biodiversity schemes in Australia. REGISTER HERE
  • What should you consider when purchasing grapevine planting material? This presentation will outline the key considerations to help ensure that you can access the best planting material possible.  The presentation will cover timelines for supply; current availability of varieties, clones and rootstocks; and the questions you should ask your nursery, particularly in reference to grapevine virus and grapevine trunk disease. REGISTER HERE
  • Farm weather stations and what they can do: In this webinar, Leighton Wilksch will explore all things weather station – how to collect and interpret weather data, how to monitor fire danger, what to consider with soil probes and measuring and managing inversions. Leighton will outline some of the examples his business, AgByte, has installed and how they are being used to provide value for farmers. REGISTER HERE

12th May

  • BACK TO BUSINESS WEBINAR - Opportunities to drive livestock operations - enterprise options, genetics: The BACK TO BUSINESS webinars are for all livestock producers impacted by drought, fire, flood, storms and global challenges. In this webinar, we will explore opportunities to drive livestock operations during rebuild - including enterprise options, as well as genetics. We will be joined by Luke Stephen, Livestock Breeding Technical Specialist. REGISTER HERE

14th May

  • Principles for re-establishing fire damaged vineyards: winter pruning and preparation: run by the Australian Wine Research Institute REGISTER HERE
  • WEBINAR- The importance of water testing and understanding your results: The importance of water quality can sometimes be overlooked in a sheep production system, yet it can significantly impact animal performance and thus whole farm profitability. Join us as we highlight the importance of testing, how to test and importantly analysing and understanding the test results. REGISTER HERE

15th May

  • Zero-Waste Cooking & Sustainability: This online course combines practical cooking demonstrations on how to cook without waste with discussions exploring the stages and resources involved in getting food from the paddock to our plates. REGISTER HERE

19th May

  • Research into the spread of pathogens and the connection with global industrial agriculture: In this presentation, evolutionary biologist Rob Wallace will present findings from his research on the evolution and spread of influenzas and other pathogens, and the strong connection between global industrial agriculture and global outbreaks. REGISTER HERE
  • BACK TO BUSINESS WEBINAR - Making use of short-term business resilience opportunities - cashflow, feed/sell/agist, markets: The BACK TO BUSINESS webinars are for all livestock producers impacted by drought, fire, flood, storms and global challenges. BACK TO BUSINESS is a collaboration between Meat & Livestock Australia, Australian Wool Innovation, Sheep Connect NSW and Integrity Systems Company. REGISTER HERE

21st May

  • Principles for re-establishing fire damaged vineyards: training fire-damaged vines and replants: presented by the Australian Wine Research Institute REGISTER HERE
  • Saving Our Soil: Farming For Good (Interactive Webinar) by The Future Economy Network (UK): Join us for an exciting online business breakfast webinar to discuss the future of sustainable farming! REGISTER HERE

26th May

  • BACK TO BUSINESS WEBINAR - Building long-term business resilience - budgets, business structure, farm management, succession: The BACK TO BUSINESS webinars are for all livestock producers impacted by drought, fire, flood, storms and global challenges. In this TENTH webinar in the BACK TO BUSINESS series, we will hear from Rural Directions Consultant, Simon Vogt, who will discuss ways to build long-term resilience into our business - and cover topics such as budgets, business structure, farm management and succession planning. REGISTER HERE

28th May

  • Nothing Ventured, Nothing Grained - Insights from Europe - Virtual AgTech Meetup: This panel will challenge the thinking and status quo in Australia, and hopefully spark debate, by sharing fresh perspectives, insights and approaches to ag innovation from around the world. We’ll cover: Who’s driving the innovation agenda: consumers, farmers, or industry? Insights from Europe for Australia’s ag innovation system, and alternative models for the RDC system, farmer-led investments, and “sustainability” labels. REGISTER HERE


2nd June

  • BACK TO BUSINESS WEBINAR - Rebuilding your herd or flock - using management and genetics to achieve the best production results: The BACK TO BUSINESS webinars are for all livestock producers impacted by drought, fire, flood, storms and global challenges. Achieve Ag Consultant, Nathan Scott will discuss strategies for rebuilding your herd or flock using both best management and genetics to get the best reproductive outcome, setting your business up for success. REGISTER HERE

9th June

  • BACK TO BUSINESS WEBINAR - Maintaining the integrity of Australia's red meat and wool industries: The BACK TO BUSINESS webinars are for all livestock producers impacted by drought, fire, flood, storms and global challenges. Join us at this final BACK TO BUSINESS webinar where we will be joined by Communications and Evaluation Manager, with Integrity Systems Company, Kathleen Allan. Kathleen will discuss the importance of Maintaining the integrity of Australia's red meat and wool industries. REGISTER HERE
  • Online Introduction to Beekeeping Course: This online version of our Introduction to Beekeeping Course is offered in two 1.5 hour theory sessions and a 1 hour practical session. REGISTER HERE

10th June

  • VirtuAg Webinar: Future Ag - Evolution and Revolution on the Farm: The Weekly Times’ James Wagstaff will be hosting an invigorating discussion around the evolution and revolution on the farm as rural Australia paves the way forward.Joined by a breadth of industry voices including Kim Krogh Anderson, Group Executive of Product and Tech at Telstra, Ros Harvey Founder and Managing Director of Aussie agtech startup The Yield, and Mark Allison, Managing Director & CEO of Elders Limited. REGISTER HERE

11th June

  • Agtech Central/Agrihive Webinar | Ag end of year tax time tips and considerations with James L Walker and Gerry Harvey: Learn how technology has enabled continual growth as Gerry shares tips on innovation through business and food production to feed and support a growing global population. Also, learn the commercial opportunities to implement new technologies on your farm or in your business with tax advice through BDO's Jodie Knowlton and find out practical ways of assessing your farm, business or firms technology needs with a new national partnership! Find our more. REGISTER HERE.

15th June

  • HACKATHON: #H20Hack - Technology to Drought-proof the Agrifood Sector: This online hackathon will run from June 15-19, 2020. Teams of up to six people will work together to focus broadly on the applications of technology to improve water-use efficiency in Australia in the agrifood sector. H20 Hack offers a first place prize of A$2,500, a second prize of A$500, and an A$500 prize Crowd’s Choice award. Further, highly ranked teams will be given the opportunity to access an incubation program at CBRIN, attend CEAT- and CAWS-mediated workshops to develop linkages with researchers and industry, and participate in the CEAT Innovation Hub. REGISTER HERE

16th June

  • Connecting Finance and Natural Capital (Webinar): Join this webinar to hear from Fiachra Kearney, Chief Executive Officer of Forever Wild. Expert in driving investment to protect nature, Fiachra will present his work and discuss: What financial solutions exist to start building a track-record of profitability and positive impact for natural capital as an asset class? What are carbon-related risks? As an investor, how to invest in projects with positive ecological impacts and what returns and benefits is this asset class offering? and more. REGISTER HERE

23rd June

  • Online Agricultural Careers Expo 2020 by RuralBiz Training - REGISTER HERE

29th June

  • Australian Wine - Winning the long game: The seminar will provide technical information and real case studies, to build capability and efficiency in the Australian wine industry. Drawing on the expertise from within the wine industry and the experiences of others, attendees will gain a greater understanding of our impacts globally, strategies to improve the environment through wine growing and making practices, and how best to communicate these messages to customers and consumers. REGISTER HERE

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  • AgFunder Digitalk: What’s in store for agrifood investing in the wake of Covid-19? WATCH NOW

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