Chief Scientist David Lamb on ABC Landline

"Don't give farmers what they don't want. Give them what they need" says Professor David Lamb.
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Future in Cloud: Technology solving everyday farming problems

From solar powered ear-tags for remotely managing cattle, to precision weed-spraying drones, technology is helping solve everyday problems in agriculture. But 50% of farmers rely on mobile networks for their internet connectivity, and data access and speed in the bush are not keeping up.

Our Chief Scientist Professor David Lamb appeared on ABC TV's Landline program on 8 September as a part of their feature on technology solving everyday farming problems.

"We've got a tidal wave of solutions on offer for producers," Dave says, "but farmers are saying 'don't offer me products. Offer my solutions. Solve my problems.' And that's going to take a lot of empathy from tech developers and data analysts to understand what's important to them. Don't give them what they don't want. Give them what they need."


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