Food Agility CRC bid is in!

The Food Agility CRC proposal has been submitted
Annual Report 2017-18.pdf

The Food Agility CRC proposal has been submitted.

By deadline we had raised over $150m in cash and in-kind commitments. We are seeking funding of $50m from the CRC programme over 10 years (2017 – 2027).

We have 54 strongly engaged participants – including:

  • 11 food industry companies
  • 15 technology companies
  • 7 service providers
  • 7 research institutions
  • 6 research development corporations and rural research organisations
  • 3 agriculture industry associations and
  • 5 state government departments of agriculture - which may be a first!

This has been a HUGE team effort. So many to thank and so many extraordinary commitments to the cause of a digitally connected food world.

Thank you everyone for your ongoing support and efforts.

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