Get on board with Australia’s first Agrifood Trainhack and win $20,000

On-train to on-farm, this unique event will unlock the data and hopefully generate a germ of an idea that changes Australian agriculture.
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A murder mystery on a train is a classic crime fiction scenario– but participants in Australia's first Agrifood TrainHack will be charged with unravelling a very different kind of mystery.

The two-day datahack will start on November 29 as the train pulls out of Sydney’s Central Station bound for Armidale, where the event will continue at University of New England’s SMART Farms.

Onboard: teams of students, entrepreneurs, data scientists and future-looking farmers interrogating unique agricultural data sets including weather,production, environmental and consumer information.

At stake: a $20,000 prize pool, and hopefully the germ of an idea that will change Australian agriculture.

Event organisers, UNE SMART Region Incubator (SRI) and Food Agility CRC, are now looking for sponsors and participants to contribute to the Agrifood TrainHack.

SRI Director Dr Lou Conway said the novel event was designed to generate fresh perspectives on old challenges.

"A train provides a special sort of environment, closed but not claustrophobic,travelling through constantly changing landscapes.

"The Agrifood TrainHack will be moving through the farming landscapes and rural communities we hope to influence by drawing out new interpretations of old data. It's the perfect place to bring together talented people seeking fresh ways of looking at our agrifood environment."

Food Agility CEO Dr Mike Briers said the teams would choose out of a number of set challenges and related data sets to tackle on the journey.

“They’ll look for new patterns and correlations between data, finding meaning in the numbers and producing information Australian farmers can act on to be more profitable and sustainable.

“The beauty of the TrainHack is that people will dive into their chosen challenge and data sets without preconceived ides of the solution. The data will provide the clues but smart people and great teamwork will solve the challenge.”

More information and to register a team:

Sponsorship enquiries: Lou Conway

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