HiveXchange offers central market trading during COVID-19

HiveXchange are helping agrifood businesses adapt to the new normal with their digital marketplace.
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HiveXchange offering new opportunities for central market trading during COVID-19

HiveXchange has opened up its central online trading platform free of charge as fresh produce traders look to go digital during the pandemic. The HiveXchange is a digital wholesale market for fresh produce where businesses can buy and sell produce securely via their phone or desktop without having to go to physical markets.

“The new normal has all of us relying more on mobile phones or computers to run our businesses and daily lives”, says Damian George, Chairman and Co-Founder of Food Agility partner HiveXchange.

“It has created some adjustments for everyone in our industry and for many of us we have learned new ways to do business. We have learned that digital tools can be used in novel ways to reduce costs, grow revenues, and improve the ways our sector operates.”

HiveXchange, a digital marketplace service provider, have been creating digital tools for the fresh produce industry since 2015. They witnessed huge opportunities for central market agents to take advantage of these emerging cultural changes to grow market presence and margins. These changes have been dramatically accelerated due to the circumstances of COVID-19, so their service has been improved to offer tools that are user-friendly, easy to install and give market agents the power to build direct digital relationships with their customers.

No experience or infrastructure is required to get started - all that is needed is a mobile phone and the HiveXchange app. In under an hour, market agents can have 100’s of their clients using a personalised mobile tool, with rich market offers that are simple to update and can be updated in real time 24-7.

To accommodate the strains being felt by market players during these challenging times, this technology has been made available to market agents at no cost. That means there are no set up costs and free services for both buyers and sellers of fresh produce .

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