The Farmer Perspective on the Role and Value of Data in Digital Agriculture

June 27, 2022

An opportunity to have your say on what data in digital agriculture means to you


The Farmer Perspective on the Role and Value of Data in Digital Agriculture

An opportunity to have your say on what data in digital agriculture means to you

June 27, 2022

Research topic and purpose

What is value, and who creates and captures value in digital agriculture is a growing topic of interest for farmers, farmer groups, researchers and agricultural policy makers.

The purpose of this project is to

1.    Improve understanding of how farmers conceptualise value and data in digital agriculture.

2.    Explore the farm and farming context as a contributing factor for how farmers conceptualise and realise value from data and digital agriculture.

3.    Identify farmer experiences and characteristics that are formative in how data is viewed and valued.

4.    Identify the challenges and opportunities farmers face in securing value from both the use of third-party digital tools and from the exchange value of data in digital agriculture

Farmer Qualitative Interviews Data Collection

To improve understanding of farmer value creation and capture in digital agriculture, the researcher is seeking farmers to participate in one of two qualitative based research studies.  

The first study focuses on the context of farmers receiving value from the use of digital agriculture products and services while the second focuses on farmers gaining value from the sharing of farm data.

Study 1: Invitation for Farmer Participants

In Study 1, the researcher is seeking farmers to participate in a 60 minute semi-structured interview across three key agricultural sectors of meat and livestock, grains and horticulture.

The researcher wishes to specifically interview farmers from the citrus industry in horticulture, dry land broad acre cropping (wheat/canola) and sheep/beef sectors.

The researcher is wishing to gain access to a variety of family farming, integrated and enterprise farming businesses who practice a variety of conventional as well non-convention agricultural practices while also having a diversity of experiences and rates of adoption of digital agriculture.  

It is important for the researcher to access and reflect this diversity so that they might meaningfully record a wide range of views from farmers.  

Ideally, participants will be farmers undertaking agricultural activities as their primary employment activity and source of income and are responsible for whole of farm or farm level decision making which cannot take place without the participant's approval or input. This ensures the participant is both knowledgeable and most closely associated with being able to answer the research and interview questions.

What are the benefits of this research?

It is expected this research project will benefit farmers generally as any outcomes have the potential to better inform farmers and farmer groups in their relationships with agri-technology providers, researchers, and government policy advisors.

What is involved for farmers?

Participation will involve answering a series of question in an interview lasting no longer than 60 minutes. The participant will be asked to think about and respond to issues about the role and value of data in digital agriculture and how they think of value in digital agriculture.  

Next Step:

Please view the recruitment flyer for further details on the study and how to participate.

Interested parties are encouraged to contact:

Philip Browning

Principal Researcher and Phd Student        

(+61) 0417 631 721

Further details

Participants will be provided with further information to ensure their decision and consent to participate is fully informed.

Download consent form.

QUT Ethics Approval Number: 5456 

About the researcher

Philip Browning is from the Facility of Business and Law, Queensland University of Technology (QUT). He is currently undertaking PhD research with Food Agility CRC into how farmers conceptualise value in digital agriculture.

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