Predicting harvest timing & yield in intensive cropping

Smart sensing and microclimate forecasting are used in this project designed to significantly increase the knowledge and management of harvesting for major horticultural crops.

Strategic Imperatives:

Produce the right thing
Leverage brand Australia
Improve access to finance
Build a digitally capable workforce

Project Meta:

2 years
AI, Machine Learning, Micro-climate sensing

In Partnership With:

The Yield Technology Solutions Pty Ltd
University of Technology Sydney
The Yield Technology Solutions Pty Ltd
University of Technology Sydney

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The Problem:

Complex interactions between the environment and plants represent a significant source of uncertainty for producers and processors in horticultural supply chains in Australia. These interactions are often highly volatile. The impact of climate on production can change very rapidly and have significant implications for the quality and quantity of fruit.

The uncertainty surrounding these factors (such as rainfall, wind, frost, temperature) presents a number of costly expenses for both producers and processors, who are unable to appropriately plan and manage resources both pre- and post-harvest.

The Solution:

This project will use AI, historical and current season grower data, combined with real-time micro-climate data to create models that predict yield and harvest dates for horticultural crops.

The predictions made from those models will service the needs of Australian producers, enabling them to better plan their labour, equipment and logistics to maximise efficiency. The service will also be delivered to growers through The Yield’s Sensing+ digital solutions.

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