Cherries Plus Traceability

Digital track-and-trace system to rapidly identify properties and food products in the face of natural disasters, biosecurity incursions and food safety breaches to protect industries and consumers.

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NSW Department of Primary Industries
GS1 Australia

Cherries Plus Traceability

The Challenge

In the 2019 bushfires, regulators needed immediate information about which agricultural properties were at threat and where food was in the supply chain. It took time to collate that information, and in an emergency, time is critical.

Other emergency situations such a biosecurity incursions or food safety breach also require rapid response. But these are complex investigations. It can sometimes take weeks to identify the source of the threat.

The challenge is to be able to speed up the time it takes to identify properties and products in the food supply chain, so we can identify, isolate and recall products in a way that protects consumer safety and minimises impact on industry.

The Solution

Knowing which property grows what and having information flow electronically through the supply chain will improve response time and efficiency.

FreshChain is a fully integrated, blockchain enabled, paddock to plate assurance system that verifies the origin and freshness of the food you eat. The team will incorporate GS1 data Standards and the new GS1Digital Link QR code to help identify the location of product and properties throughout the supply chain. GS1 is a global standard system for managing product information and barcodes, and more than 20,000 Australian companies useGS1 standards in their product identification systems.

The team will conduct mock track and trace exercises, playing out different scenarios such as biosecurity incursions, natural disasters and food safety breaches, testing the ability of the data standards and traceability solution to quickly track items back to individual producers.

Consumers can easily connect with their growers and access key product information by scanning a QR code on pack to help in their purchase decision making process. This content includes helpful hints such as product use, storage, nutritional aspects and certifications a farm might sign up to.


·       Reduction in the time it takes to identify the property and product in the event of a natural disaster, biosecurity incursion or food safety breach.

·       Greater consumer protection, confidence and connection to producers.

·       Reduction in unnecessary recalls for uncontaminated produce and cost to industry.

·       Improved supply chain efficiency.

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