CherryPlus Traceability

Building a rapid track and trace system by using blockchain and global GS1 data standards for the cherry and potato industries.
Project complete

In Partnership With:

NSW Department of Primary Industries
GS1 Australia

CherryPlus Traceability

This project was completed in April 2022. Read the final project report

Project Impact

The project built a property and product identification system that supports global GS1 data standards for the cherry and potato industries, helping to manage supply chains and support market access requirements such as certification and tamper-free movement.

  • The project has shown that GS1 data standards can be used to provide instant product identification and recall.
  • It demonstrated the system supports the electronic flow of information to demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements, with potential to improve market access and reduce compliance costs.  
  • Integration of GS1 data standards and the GS1 Digital Link QR code enhanced the consumer experience with the opportunity to provide real-time feedback to the grower.
  • The project highlighted the importance of data-sharing agreements

The Challenge

Emergency situations such as biosecurity incursions, food safety breaches and natural disasters require rapid responses to identify the source of threat and to secure the supply chain.

But it can time to collate the necessary information, and regulators don’t always have data at their fingertips about which properties produce which products and where food is in the supply chain.  

The Solution

This $90,000 one-year project used GS1 data standards and the new GS1 Digital Link QR code to create a digital map of properties and products in the NSW cherry and potato industries. The data is managed via FreshChain’s fully integrated, blockchain enabled, paddock to plate assurance system.  

Test cases demonstrated that products can be tracked and traced quickly in the supply chain and that GS1 data standards can used to determine chain of custody and to deliver consumer insights.

Watch the below video for more information:

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