Optimised Carbon and Nutrient Management

Enabling farmers to better understand soil health through new analytical insights
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Federation University Australia
Precision Agriculture

Optimised Carbon and Nutrient Management

The Challenge:

Soil management is complex and farmers need intelligence to improve the health of their soil. Furthermore, farmers wishing to be involved in carbon markets are unable to easily provide an evidence base.

Precision Agriculture is looking to improve and optimise the way in which reports and mapping tools are created by bringing together all the information into one platform (Soli™️). This project aims to provide a timely and simplified, minimal manual intervention process to generate soil health reports from multiple data sources and insight tools.

Research will aim to provide new analytical insights previously unavailable in the industry, as well as relevant recommendations to facilitate meaningful customer discussions.

The Solution:

By developing new analytical insights that allows current datapoints to be compatible with one another, Precision Agriculture will be able to streamline its reporting process to provide customers a better understanding of their soil health.

This includes understanding a farm’s potential for carbon storage, an emerging industry in Australia’s approach to managing the impact of climate change.


  • Datasets integrated into Soli™️
  • Provide in depth regional insights and create local benchmarks
  • Tracking of soil conditions year on year for comparison over time
  • Create new analytical insights into carbon and nutrient management
  • Adding functionality and evidence based intelligence/knowledge to improve Precision Agriculture’s patented platform, Soli™️
  • Providing access to agronomists and growers/farmers to Soli™️ for making more informed and timely soil nutrition and Carbon decision

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