LISTEN: Food Agility CEO Dr Mike Briers on ABC Radio SA Country Hour

How can data and digital help our agrifood supply chains be more resilient to the next COVID, fire, or flood?
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Food Agility CEO Mike Briers spoke with Isabella Pittaway on ABC SA Country Hour program to discuss Mission Food For Life, and the potential for the digital revolution to help us find better solutions for the challenges facing Australia’s agrifood supply chains.

Dr Briers says "We’ve got a world which is becoming more uncertain, and what we know about data and digital is that it helps reduce uncertainty. So, how can the digital revolution help us find better solutions to provide more timely information for people to make decisions, and also to understand the changing context and be able to adapt and mitigate for those events?

What we are trying to do with data is to help growers and supply chain participants be better prepared for that next COVID, bushfire, flood, that next shock to foreign exchange, that next trade dispute. It’s obvious we’re in an unprecedented context right now - but it’s more than COVID. It’s about preparing for the next one.”

Listen to the full interview starting at 35:00 here.

At 35 mins Dr Mike Briers speaks with ABC Radio SA Country Hour about Mission Food For Life.
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