Critical Supply Chain Intervention Points for Sensors & Predictive Algorithms

This project aims to improve the quality of Australian-grown vegetables, optimise their supply chains and efficiently respond to market and consumer need using sensors, algorithms and digital decision-support tools.
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In Partnership With:

Mulgowie Fresh Pty Ltd
Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
QLD Government

Critical Supply Chain Intervention Points for Sensors & Predictive Algorithms

The Challenge:

Supply chain management of horticultural produce is critical if market expectations for quality and price are to be met by Australian producers and supply chains. The pre- and post-harvest conditions under which fresh products are produced, harvested and handled have a marked effect on their quality and shelf life.

Fresh produce supply chains are generally complex, are challenged with vertical integration, and require technology and systems to assure quality at destination. Ideally, supply chain participants from paddock to plate require realtime data to make informed decisions along the chain, so they may deliver high quality produce, extend shelf life and grow consumption through consumer satisfaction. 


The Solution:

Better harvest prediction alone is expected to unlock millions in supply chain potential for companies like Mulgowie, Australia’s largest bean and sweetcorn producer. This project will create a detailed map of both the physical and digital value chains, including information on product, provenance and cashflows.

The team will then identify where data analytics and new sensing technology will have the biggest impact, with particular focus on harvest prediction. They will also overlay the sensor technology methods that could address gaps in data flows and identify potential sensors for development in later projects.

Outputs from this project can be shared more broadly with the industry, guiding other supply chains on an assessment of their most valuable intervention points so they can target their R&D investments.

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