Decision Wizard

A decision-making web app to help guide farmers in their on-farm decision-making and to build knowledge about how those decisions are made.

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Federation University Australia

Decision Wizard

The Challenge

Farmers have well-developed decision-making skills, having to make on-farm decisions based on multiple factors every day. Making a less than optimal decision, however, can be damaging to a farm business.

There are many factors that influence operational decisions made on the farm and how a farmer may come to make a particular decision. What if we could analyse that information to not only make a good decision but the right decision?

The Solution

This Food Agility project in collaboration with Federation University, Marcus Oldham College and Southern Farming Systems will develop a decision-making web app to help guide farmers in their on-farm decision-making, while also building knowledge about how those decisions are made.

The Federation University project team is building on a decision matrix framework developed by researchers at Marcus Oldham College. They will use decision science to develop a web app for farmers that will help guide them through critical on-farm decisions, and use this data to track and map human-based decision-making processes.

This decision-making tool can be used when there are several alternatives and factors to consider, by creating a preferred option based on a series of questions that are answered. The tool aims to make complex decisions easier by leveraging data to augment on-farm experience and knowledge.

The project will also build a bank of knowledge about decision-making that could be used for future machine learning applications, further fine-tuning programs that can help farmers make the best decisions for farming productivity.


  • Farmers will be able to make sound decisions that they understand, by being able to digitally access ‘Decision Wizard’ – a decision support tool that is backed by data and proven decision sciences.
  • As a starting point, the Decision Wizard will focus on a set of five real-life decision scenarios applicable to farmers in Victoria.
  • Through informed decision-making farmers can get the best outcome at the farm gate.

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