Farm-wide WiFi

Tractors and trucks will become roving Wi-Fi devices with a range of up to 5 kilometres, as part of a new Food Agility CRC research collaboration to provide farm-wide internet coverage.
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In Partnership With:

University of Technology Sydney
Charles Sturt University

Farm-wide WiFi

The Challenge:

Lack of on-farm connectivity is the single greatest barrier to improving productivity and sustainability in Australian agriculture.

Farmers increasingly rely on high-level data analytics, automation and networks of devices that talk to each other. But getting WiFi coverage to run these devices over vast distances and line-of-sight obstacles is a major challenge.

The Solution:

The team is building antenna arrays that can be fitted to mobile and stationary farming equipment to provide long-range communication. Tractors and trucks will become roving WiFi devices with a range of up to five kilometres, providing farm-wide coverage. The technology will be a combination of adapted off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions.

The new technology will be built for Australian conditions and will be trialled at the Global Digital Farm at Wagga Wagga.


* Commercial WiFi product available to farmers within 18 months

* Farm-wide connectivity drives greater uptake of agtech

 View the final report here.

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