Seafood tracking and traceability

Tracking fish from bait to plate, this project harnessed a range of technologies to verify fish origin and quality and to support an online trading system for Sydney Fish Market
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In Partnership With:

Sydney Fish Market Pty Ltd
University of Technology Sydney
Ultimo Digital Technologies

Seafood tracking and traceability

The Challenge:

At Sydney Fish Market every weekday from 5:30am, the seafood auction begins. Buyers can inspect the produce before deciding what to buy. But in a digital marketplace, how can buyers be confident in their purchases if they can’t touch and smell the fish?

This is the challenge for Sydney Fish Market as it moves towards an online trading system. Consumers and suppliers alike want verified, trusted information about where their fish was caught, conditions of transportation and ultimately the quality attributes of the product.

The Solution:

This project will design a digital fish provenance and quality tracking system, using snapper as the test species.

Starting with the catch, the team will produce an App for fishers so they can upload information about how, when and where the fish was caught. Fishers can also upload a photo and verify the species using image processing technology.

Remote sensors then track the fish on its way to market. Data from IoT enabled packaging, temperature and location sensors and an eNose that measures fish freshness, is added to the blockchain.

All of this information informs the fish quality index and the online auction trading, as well as potential integration to consumer Apps to assure customers about quality and provenance.

This is a Food Agility project led by Sydney Fish Market, UTS and UDT. It also involves NSW Department of Primary Industries and the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation.

Get involved:

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meet the team

Erik Poole

Supply & Business Development Manager at Sydney Fish Market

Prof. Ren Ping Liu

Head of Discipline at SEDE Networking and Cybersecurity in the School of Electrical and Data Engineering at the University of Technology Sydney.

As. Prof. Steven Su

Associate Professor, School of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Technology Sydney.

As. Prof. Jian Zhang

Associate Professor, School of Electrical and Data Engineering at the University of Technology Sydney.


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