Smart Farming Data Ecosystem

Overcoming one of the biggest hurdles in modern, data-driven agriculture by securely managing and integrating data from multiple sources.
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Smart Farming Data Ecosystem

The Challenge

Digitisation of agriculture processes is key to delivering the National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) goal to grow Australia’s agricultural output beyond $100bn by 2030. 

Efficient sharing and reuse of that digitised data offers exponentially more opportunities to create new value through optimised operations and new revenue.

However, this relies on creating an environment where data is shared securely, where contributors are rewarded for their data and their rights maintained while an ecosystem of organisations can create new value from this data effectively and efficiently.

The Solution

Telstra’s ‘Farm Data Services’ platform aims to overcome the challenge of securely managing and integrating data from multiple technologies across the farm.

Enabled through Telstra’s DataHub, the Farm Data Services is a highly scalable and secure data sharing platform that can integrate, standardise and, with permission of data owner, distribute data sets from existing agtech deployments.

This project will develop a proof of concept that will prove the value a platform can provide farmers, agritechs, institutions and researchers, connecting applications across a farm to simplify permissioned sharing of data and creating a single point to access permissioned data for analysis and research.

The platform will be trialled at the Global Digital Farm in Wagga Wagga, where an application to drive efficient fertiliser use will also be created and tested as part of the project.

Key outcomes

  • Simplify the implementation of data-driven decision making to optimise farm operations.
  • Provide a mechanism to ensure providers of source data, value-added data and insights & analytics can derive fair value
  • Provide a useful tool to enable agriculture research, teaching and extension.


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