Predicting harvest timing & yield in intensive cropping

Smart sensing and microclimate forecasting were used to increase the knowledge and management of harvesting for major horticultural crops.
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The Yield Technology Solutions Pty Ltd
University of Technology Sydney

Predicting harvest timing & yield in intensive cropping

The Problem:

Complex interactions between the environment and plants represent a significant source of uncertainty for producers and processors in horticultural supply chains in Australia. These interactions are often highly volatile. The impact of climate on production can change very rapidly and have significant implications for the quality and quantity of fruit.

The uncertainty surrounding these factors (such as rainfall, wind, frost, temperature) presents a number of costly expenses for both producers and processors, who are unable to appropriately plan and manage resources both pre- and post-harvest.

The Solution:

This project is using AI, historical and current season grower data, combined with real-time micro-climate data to create models that predict yield and harvest dates for Treasury Wine Estate winegrapes and Costa Group berries. The service is being delivered through leading Australian AgTech company The Yield’s Sensing+ digital solution.

As the project continues, predictions made from those models will enable both producers to better plan their labour, equipment and logistics to maximise efficiency and reduce waste.


In March 2020, Costa Group announced the roll out of the Sensing+ system in their berry farms in NSW, TAS, and QLD, and in November 2020 The Yield announced a three-year contract with Treasury Wine Estate following successful trials within the project.

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Meet project team member Dr Kyle Zawada.

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Dr Daniel Ramp

Associate Professor at School of Life Sciences, Director at the Centre for Compassionate Conservation, and Core Member of the Centre for Business and Social Innovation at the University of Technology Sydney.


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