WA Farm Data Sharing

Helping growers make informed investment decisions using their own data
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WA Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development
Curtin University of Technology
Grower Group Alliance

WA Farm Data Sharing

The Challenge:

Making timely and accurate decisions in the challenging Western Australian farming environment is critical to long term viability of this multi-billion-dollar sector. Data-supported decision making remains a complex and time-consuming process with farm managers often required to gather information from siloed data sources and then manually incorporate research, technology, and whole farm knowledge to reach a decision.

Automating the flow of on-farm data and providing accurate prediction models would minimise mistakes, reduce risks, improve resource use and efficiency across the business and provide more certainty for farmers in a constantly changing environment.  

The Solution:

This collaborative research project will help growers make more sophisticated investment decisions using their own data by developing a self-service web-based productivity reporting tool.

The project team, led by the Department of Primary Industries & Regional Development (DPIRD), the Grower Group Alliance (GGA) and Curtin University, will build the data exchange system and model using liming strategies as a test case. This framework has the potential to be used in future as the basis for other whole-farm models to inform decisions such as machinery purchases, infrastructure investments, agtech integration and genetics.

In addition to helping farmers make more confident decisions, these reports can also be presented to banks or insurers to increase the confidence in loans, negotiate improved interest rates or offer more realistic valuations of farmland.

Throughout the project, the project team will regularly engage with WA farmers to validate the model, as well as software and technology companies to test market viability.

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meet the team

Dr Julia Easton

WA Node Leader at Food Agility CRC

Curtin 4 Agribusiness Profitability (C4AP) Initiative Lead at Curtin University WA

Adam Sparks

Project Lead and Senior Research Scientist

WA Department of Industry and Regional Development

Tanya Kilminster

Drought Hub Knowledge Broker

Grower Group Alliance

Dr Art Diggle

Principal Research Scientist

WA Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development

Michelle Condy

Engagement Officer

Grower Group Alliance

Tom Picton-Warlow



WA Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development

Darren Gibbon

Data Exchange Infrastructure

WA Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development


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