Water Leak Detection

Reducing the amount of time it takes to discover a water leak through advanced modelling
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Charles Sturt University

Water Leak Detection

The Challenge: 

On-farm water leaks are expensive, not solely due to the cost of the lost water but also the cost of finding the leak and repairing the damaged infrastructure. The under-development or loss of livestock, animals and cropping due to undetected leaks is another critical issue.

Farmers typically don’t have the means to detect leaks without being on-site and due to the large sizes of remote farms, it could be days, weeks or even months before a leak is detected.

The Solution:

This project seeks to create timely alerts via the remote detection of leaks. The goal is to reduce the time taken to identify a major leak to under 1 hour, and a minor leak to under 24 hours. 
Monitoring key points of the water infrastructure will allow the creation of a digital twin that could characterise water usage of the whole system. Water that leaves a system is either a leak or is consumed, which allows the characterisation of leaks, animal consumption and other usages of water. 
Water consumption paired with surface water availability, soil moisture and other data sources would be the basis for overall animal grow and health model. 

  • MyFarmbot platformDashboard which visualises water flow information (+ Farmbot monitors)  
  • Software (models) that can articulate water usage
  • Reports that define “a leak” based on experiment outputs
  • Template for ideal deployment of water system on a farm 

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