Global Digital Farm

Food Agility CRC & Charles Sturt University are building Australia's first 'hands-free farm' at Wagga Wagga. The commercial farm will be a centre for research, innovation, education and community outreach.

About the Global Digital Farm

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The Global Digital Farm will be an extensive research and innovation facility to inspire, innovate and educate workers in a sustainable farming future. The 1678 Ha farm is a commercial operation focussing on primarily cropping but also with livestock, pasture and a vineyard. Development is underway on the first stage of the Global Digital Farm, which will deliver:

Phase 1: Focus on soil and water  

  • Baseline (whole farm) digital carbon and biodiversity inventory
  • Live soil moisture sensor network, instrumental water points, cattle tag readers, weather stations,      instrumented machinery
  • Base telecommunications infrastructure (4G/5G + local wireless network)
  • Data infrastructure (operating under FAIR principles)
  • Industry training centre/Global Digital Farm Innovation Centre
  • Hands-free technology demonstrators

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